Water Within Reach

Navajo Reservation

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The Need

Water is an extremely limited and precious resource in the dry and nearly barren environment of the Eastern Navajo Nation. It is also a constant concern for forty percent of Navajo households who rely on water hauling to meet their daily water needs for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. These Navajo families use only 400 gallons of water per month, the amount that an average American family consumes in just 4 days.

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The Support

Hummingbirds Foundation partners with DIGDEEP to provide vital water access to families living on the Navajo Nation. The money we raise goes to support the water delivery, cisterns for personal storage, and plumbing and running water for families. The St. Bonaventure Mission is the group on the ground in New Mexico that works closely with the families on the reservation, providing food deliveries and baby supplies, among other necessities that at times need to be rushed. Our annual grants help provide these items as well as cisterns maintenance for sustained water access.

Connie Holen