A Nest for Haiti



The Need

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, many communities were left in disarray and some still struggle to fully rebuild. Children, in particular, were affected and displaced from their places of learning or congregation. In one community center, over 200 kids were confined to a plastic-tented, cardboard-lined shack, sitting on the floor and standing when it rained. In another community, a girls’ school didn’t have access to latrines, leaving them without privacy and open to potential disease and violence.


The Support

In 2014, Hummingbirds joined forces with Aid Still Required, an organization that helps to revive and restore communities left in the wake of disaster, and have continued to partner on programs with them in Haiti. We helped fund the relocation of children in Cap Haitien to a newer and larger community center, equipped with sturdy tables and chairs now used on a daily basis for computer and Spanish classes, Library Day, parents’ council meetings, and general club activities. These kids now have a safe place to go for after school and weekend recreation and care. We helped build 4 ecologically responsible latrines for 350 school children in Wharf Jeremie, and we sponsor the Saturday nutritional program at Aid Still Required’s OADENN Children’s Center in Cap Haitien, Haiti. We continue to provide funds for wish list items each Haitian Mother’s Day.

Connie Holen