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Our contribution says, I may not be going through what you are going through, but I acknowledge you as my sister and value your place in our collective story.  

Hummingbirds are seen as messengers of love and joy. They symbolize energy, wonder and swift action. Like the beautiful birds we take our name from, we fly in many directions at the same time, all toward this same mission of bonding with and caring for fellow women and their families.

We believe we can achieve hopeful change by donating our resources, utilizing our networks, and sharing our time and our spirits with those who may otherwise go unnoticed.


Jennifer and dear friend Cathy Vanderford formed Hummingbirds Foundation with the goal to combine sisterhood, adventure and outreach to spread love and connect with communities beyond their immediate support groups.

Today they exist as a collective of women across the country. Hummingbirds choose established and well trusted locally run organizations to partner with and dedicate a combination of personal funds, moneys raised from fun hosted events, and donations from their collective communities. 100% of what is raised goes directly to programs for women and children in need. After grant goals for any given project are met, Hummingbirds Fly, actually visiting the places and meeting the people who are benefiting from their efforts.